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August, 31 2016

Testimonial – Kevin Nothstine

“Karla has altered the course of my life. I flew over 100 combat missions in Afghanistan, spent over 2,000 hours training hundreds of students on how to fly aircraft and accomplish complex missions in the worst flying conditions you can imagine. I spent over 21 years as an officer and leader in the United States Air Force. All of that experience is now eclipsed by the incredible training I have received from Karla.

“It all started with a chance meeting. I was at the highlight of my career and beyond compare in my craft. I knew that no one else could match my knowledge and experience as a combat reconnaissance pilot. After learning from Karla for two weeks, I came to the realization that ‘I could actually learn something from you!’ That learning continues to this day. She has taught me about what is important in life, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and what it means to be a person of honor and integrity. I am eternally grateful for this amazing person.”