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You solve problems with people, period.

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People are more important than ever to your business.  People is a three-dimensional word.  You must ensure you’re not one dimensional in your people strategy.  You need to have a “People Catalyst Model for Success.
What Not having a People Catalyst Strategy Costs you:

  • Staff revolt/quit/revolving door  (The most expensive cost to your biz is a bad hire)…it’s the “People Cost of Your Business.”
  • When you don’t have a great relationship with customers business always reverts to reducing the cost of the service or product.
  • If you don’t have Raving Fans/Promoters you’ll always be working way too hard to attract new business.

There are 3 Elements to the People Catalyst Strategy:

  • Your Team Strategy
  • Your Client/Customer Strategy
  • Your Promoters (Channel Partners)

A people catalyst is not a networking, manipulating or taking advantage of others type of person…they lead with a give and constantly foster real and empathetic relationships.

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