"Karla has altered the course of my life. I flew over 100 combat missions in Afghanistan, spent over 2,000 hours training hundreds of students on how to fly aircraft and accomplish complex missions in the worst flying conditions you can imagine. I spent over 21 years as an officer and leader in the United States Air Force. All of that experience is now eclipsed by the incredible training I have received from Karla. "It all started with a chance meeting. I was at the highlight of my career and beyond compare in my craft. I knew that no one else could match my knowledge and experience as a combat reconnaissance pilot. After learning from Karla for two weeks, I came to the realization that 'I could actually learn something from you!' That learning continues to this day. She has taught me about what is important in life, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and what it means to be a person of honor and integrity. I am eternally grateful for this amazing person."

— Kevin Nothstine, H3 Consulting

"Thank you personally for assisting us with strategic relationship building, effective business modeling, and inspiration. Your business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is evident. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference."

— Daryl T. Seaton, New York Life Insurance

"Karla is brilliant when it comes to putting ideas and the right people together on projects.  She has a unique ability to see through all the clutter to what is possible.  When watching her speak, you can't help but want to be a part of what she has created or is creating.  Not only is she dynamic as a speaker but as a leader she has very few peers."

— Ryan Nickel, Afterthought Marketing


"A powerhouse of business insight, community compassion and a dynamic speaker, Karla Nelson is the ultimate connector to business or personal resources, result-focused processes, and the people that can be instrumental in advancing an idea, venture or cause."

— Doru Ghedeon Bere, Dreambox Creative, www.dreamboxcreative.com

"Karla's motivation is contagious!  A visionary with a strong sense of the bigger picture, she has a natural ability to help her clients discover their purpose and with pinpoint precision, guide them to success.  She has shown me how to apply the four pillars to my business and that strategy has helped our organization go from a catch-all company to a focused Photovoltaic training company."

— Michael Dela Pena, Four Phase Energy, www.fourphaseenergy.com

"SBEIA is a completely unique organization that gives small businesses the advantages of the big ones. Karla has simplified what it takes to succeed to an extraordinarily useful set of distinctions. In today's uncertain times, there is no organization more worthy of your participation and support."

— Allen Fahden, www.Strongsuit.org


"I have known Karla for years, and she never ceases to amaze me with her energy, expertise, creativity, positive attitude, and quality. She is one of the most ethical and hard working people I have ever met."

— Isabella Rogers, Pharmatox, www.pharmatox.com

"Karla is one of the most dynamic and energetic people I have ever met. Her spirit and nature of giving profoundly affects everyone she touches. She is one of the best marketers I know. She continually reminds you that she cares! I highly recommend her."

— Steve Geiger, Four Phase Energy, www.fourphaseenergy.com

"Karla has an amazing and contagious spirit! Her authentic presentations breathe hope where there is only frustration. Karla truly is a blessing and is unbelievably gifted at inspiring others."

— Dorinne Tye, Skanska