The Story

Karla Nelson helped her husband endure a prolonged illness while she was pregnant with their second child and later witnessed his tragic death. (To most, it would be difficult to see the beauty in that and would conclude it was only a bad thing.)

If you met Karla Nelson, you might at first dismiss her as one of these overly positive people, where you find out later that it was all fake. If you had stopped at that thought, you’d miss out on something remarkable.

On the other side of the pain, Karla found something positive and real.

When life gets so challenging that what used to be important bears no significance in your life, that’s when real change happens. After building five businesses before she hit 30, Karla and Scott had learned and tested a lot of principles not found in business books.

But, when she lost her partner and best friend over two agonizing years, she realized almost everything else we had all been taught to believe about business no longer made any sense. From this new context, up was down, down was up. And what really mattered shocked her with its simplicity and ease.

Why do we wait? An emotional video that compels us to look at life with different eyes.

“Karla is one of the most dynamic and energetic people I have ever met. Her spirit and nature of giving profoundly affects everyone she touches. She is one of the best marketers I know. She continually reminds you that she cares! I highly recommend her.”

— Steve Geiger, Four Phase Energy

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