Karla Nelson

Who is Karla Nelson? You'll know she's there when you have stretched to a new level and had fun doing it.

karla nelson photo smiling

When something big, new and wonderful happens with joy and enthusiasm, chances are Karla Nelson is behind it. 

Karla Nelson, Principal at Swiss Avenue Partners, focuses on the national expansion of the Think Big! Program, Small Business Services, and national support of license holder offices.

Karla is also an inspirational leader, author, motivational speaker, trainer, and coach. She has helped tens of thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations effectively identify their unique purpose. Next, she shows you how to fulfill the vision by committing to intentional, influential action. Karla understands what it takes to overcome insurmountable obstacles, in business and in life, while in pursuit of your purpose.

Highlights of Karla’s Career

  • Launched her first of many businesses at the age of 21. Karla has founded, co-founded, owned and served as an executive for multiple businesses categories: Business Training, Business Finance, Commercial Finance, Online Education, Commercial Development, Real Estate, Information Technology, Solar Development, and Business Consulting.
  • Karla is the founder of Sac-CESS (Sac-CESS.com). We live in Forbes’ #1 worst city to own or launch a business. “Succeed Anyway.”
  • Karla also created The CORE Influence, a powerful training and professional development program, that teaches you how to connect with your unique purpose and to be YOU in a world that is constantly telling you to be like everyone else.

Karla speaking at TEDx

“Thank you personally for assisting us with strategic relationship building, effective business modeling, and inspiration. Your business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is evident. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference.”

— Daryl T. Seaton, New York Life Insurance —

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