Karla adds to the body of knowledge as she learns and invents new processes and principles. Keep current here with her blog.

Testimonial – Doru Ghedeon Bere

“A powerhouse of business insight, community compassion and a dynamic speaker, Karla Nelson is the ultimate connector to business or personal resources, result-focused processes, and the people that can be instrumental in advancing an idea, venture or cause.”

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Testimonial – Michael Dela Pena

“Karla’s motivation is contagious!  A visionary with a strong sense of the bigger picture, she has a natural ability to help her clients discover their purpose and with pinpoint precision, guide them to success.  She has shown me how to apply the four pillars to my business and that strategy has helped our organization go […]

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Testimonial – Allen Fahden

“SBEIA is a completely unique organization that gives small businesses the advantages of the big ones. Karla has simplified what it takes to succeed to an extraordinarily useful set of distinctions. In today’s uncertain times, there is no organization more worthy of your participation and support.”

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